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Owner Robert Dixon recipient of the prestigious Master Gardener's Award in 2005 prides Granite Bay's Local on bringing you work of the highest quality on the market. Owner is on site at every job for ease of mind. Our ten man crew is efficient and ready to transform your vision into a reality. Innovation is our greatest tool and it shows in our work. We are fully built on the strength of word of mouth which is provided by our gratuitious customer base and we promise to live up to that reputation. Take a look at our work; see the before, during and after. Fully insured and licensed contractor.


Granite Bay's Local Landscapes

Plans and Custom Design

We will work from existing plans or we will help you design new ones. Professionally drawn up to illustrate your property, residence or commercial site. Robert can also do on site designs, or concept plans in as little as 48 hours.  The mark of true passion for the craft.


Installation is executed in a timely manner by an experienced crew. Like a well designed machine; you'r plans will be completed right the first time. No muss, no fuss. Granite Bay's Local Landscapes will even pay attention to the ever important task of cleaning up after the job is completed. Landscapes are one of the many things that can increase the value of a property as well as safe guard the longevity of the home from weather and the harsh elements so proper installation from certified and liscenced professionals will ensure things can last for a long time.

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